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This page is a simple general purpose card shuffler designed to help wargame play.

Decks of cards should be prepared in a text editor then pasted into the text box in the 'Load Card Deck' area, one card per line and up to a maximum of 200 cards. You can just have plain text here, or valid HTML. Blank lines should be removed automatically when the deck is shuffled, so can be included in a deck file to make it easier to organise.

Example card lines, paste these in above to try them out:

You can use the buttons above the box to paste in a standard deck of playing cards or a bezique set of cards. You can add jokers to either deck.

After the card deck box is ready click on the 'Load Deck' button. This will create a deck of cards, shuffle them and place them under the brown cover in the 'Draw Card and Shuffle Area'. Cards can then be dragged out from beneath the cover.

Clicking on a card will raise it above all other cards.

You can use the 'Hand' and 'Discard' areas as storage areas for cards. Each has a button that will transfer the cards within them back to the 'Draw & Shuffle Card Area'.

When you click on the 'Shuffle Deck' button all cards in the 'Draw Card and Shuffle Area' are retured to the deck and shuffled. Cards in the 'Hand' and 'Discard' areas are left alone.

You can have multiple decks in different browser tabs. You can changle the page title and colour of the border on the cards to help distinguish them.

There is no save function. If you close the browser window then it's goodbye card deck!